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Professional Warranty Service Provider

Home Squad provides all customers with a one year limited warranty on workmanship and materials of the manufacturers assembly on Park Models,Cottages and Homes.

The one-year warranty consists of one service inspection scheduled after 90 days of warranty start date. At the time of warranty start date you will be given a login and 90 days to submit service requests and photos pertaining to items you have noted that are covered under the one year limited warranty. After 90 days, our service team will review your account and schedule a date to meet at your home and provide service and discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Also, during this one year limited warranty, you are encouraged to contact our service team at any time if questions arise.



Superior Home Service Providers



Our service department is always here to help. Our step-by-step process and online portal allows us to take better care of you and your new purchase of a Park Model,Cottage or Home. From our well-trained service dispatchers who take your calls, qualify your needs,schedule your service visit. We ensure all items are repaired that is covered under the one-year limited warranty. We make sure we complete all of our service with our qualified service technicians who make repairs and oversee our trades. We make a promise to you and that is you are well looked after.

Step Two

Step One

Register your warranty by calling our service department within 30 days of your purchase. (587) 316 – 2203.

Step Three

Step Two

Over a 120 day period after your registered warranty date, upload photos and notes on your personal login at

Step Three

Step Three

After 120 days, we will verify your requests and call you to set up a scheduled service date to meet, fix all warranty repairs and make you a happy customer.

Step Four

Step Four

Enjoy your new purchase with peace of mind, knowing that everything is done to satisfaction



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Everyday we are trying to improve and enhance our customer service. It really helps us at Home-Squad with testimonials and positive input so we can drive to succeed to provide amazing service to our customers on their new Park Model, Cottage, or Home purchase.


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About Home – Squad

Home-Squad is a service provider for park models, cottages and homes across Western Canada. We provide customers with a one year limited warranty on workmanship and materials. We take pride and commitment on our superior customer service. Our process allows us to take better care of you and your new purchase. We at Home-Squad provide our customers with their own login to manage and document after purchase service all in one place.


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